Developing a Lifetime Donor

While the main objective of a fundraising campaign is to raise money for a cause, the secondary goal is to attract new donors to introduce them to all that the good that your organization does for the community. Hopefully, the new relationship will enable you to turn to this donor for support for years to come. To use your time and efforts most efficiently, it is worth targeting the individuals best suited to your cause.
At the event, make sure to publicly name and thank your event sponsors. When things quiet down following your event, give the sponsor or donor a call or send a personal thank you. Share what you were able to achieve with the money raised from the event.
Keep donors involved in your organization’s progress in some of the following ways:
  • If possible, ask a recipient of your organization to write a short note to new major donors.
  • Add new donors to your mailing list to keep them informed of major accomplishments and upcoming events.
  • Invite donors to "get involved" in other events that you think would interest them.
  • Invite new donors for a VIP visit to your organization.
  • Ask new donors to help "spread the word" to their colleagues and others about all the good your organization is doing in the community.
  • Display the results of your event, and ask for feedback, which you can include in next year’s event.
In summary, you want to show real appreciation to your donors for how their generosity has contributed to the organization's success in providing programs and services to the community. By treating them as a vital part of your organization’s efforts, you help to ensure the relationship remains into the future.  

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