Social Fundraising 101

Fundraising using social network tools

what is social fundraising?

Social fundraising is the process of fundraising using social networks to solicit contributions from many clusters of connected people to raise money for a cause. Traditionally, fundraising has involved face to face solicitations by a paid professional or volunteer for the organization trying to raise funds.
Today, social fundraising has taken a new direction by utilizing an array of online tools, readily available, to expand the reach of non-profits in multiple paths simultaneously. Social networking takes fundraising soliciting off of one individual and puts it into the hands of the non-profit's community and supporters. The process of soliciting donations, with online social fundraising tools, enables a non-profit to leverage their entire community of members and volunteers to publicize a campaign or event, and solicit donations from their friends, family and colleagues. 

the benefits of social networking fundraising

  • Provides the means for broader and deeper reach to potential donors.
  • Allows for rapid promotion of campaign(s) and/or event(s).
  • Allows the organization's fundraising staff person or chair to quickly adjust campaigns for unparalleled flexibility.
  • Enables efficient collection of donor data for management and status reporting.
  • Saves money and time spent on individual meetings and calls.
  • Provides a convenient way for a donor to make a donation online at any time.
  • Provides a means to increase relationship building.

why participate?

  • Strong connection to the cause.
  • Affiliation with the non-profit.
  • Interest in the event (run, walk, swim).
  • Relationship with the event organizer or event director.

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