Timed Matching Campaigns

Raise more. Quickly.

What is a Timed Matching Campaign?

A Matching Campaign is a based on the idea of having one or more matching donors so that for every dollar donated, the organization receives double, triple or quadruple towards a specific cause during a short period of time (24-48 hours). This type of campaign creates a sense of urgency and excitement due to its time sensitive nature.

The Benefits of Matching Campaigns

By running a Matching Campaign, your organization not only raises a substantial amount of money in a short time, but also saves on the cost of running a physical fundraisinng event. This means that your organization receives more money towards the cause that you are raising for.

Campaign Page

Create a campaign page that uses your nonprofit organization's logo and colors. Include a video or a rotating photo player which depicts your cause. The thermometer lets your donors know how close your are to your campaign goal and the countdown clock presents a sense of urgency to motivate donors to give immediately.
The donate button reflects that each donation will be multiplied based on the number of matchers for your campaign. The sponsor list reflects the effective donation of everyone who has given so far.

Comprehensive Reporting

Run reports to analyze your data. Quick stats allow you to see the amount you've raised, the effective amount that you've raised given your number of matchers, how many donors have given and the breakout of amounts, by category.
Analyze your revenue to display the percentage of donors that chose to cover your processing fees and discover your true cost of using our platform. We offer full transparency!
Export your donor information and import it into your CRM.

Communication Tools

Thank your donors for their donations using our integrated Email tool. This tool provides a quick and easy mechanism to send emails to all of your campaign donors. This helps to strengthen your relationships by showing appreciation for donor's support of your cause.

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