Wizathon 101

A custom fundraising platform for nonprofit events.

what is wizathon?

Wizathon is a custom event platform, for your non profit organization, that provides social fundraising and financial administration tools that allow participants to promote your cause in order to raise charitable funds. Use Wizathon for your running, biking, walking and swimming events. It can even be used for virtual events such as food drives and building funds.



build a team

Using the Wizathon service and event platform, you can build a team of enthusiastic participants to raise money through sponsorships. Participants, through their personal fundraising page, can easily promote your cause to their friends and family, and track their progress.

raise more money

Taking your event to the next level with a set of web facilitated social fundraising tools that enable enthusiastic and passionate participants to get their community involved to raise money for a cause.


Wizathon offers a no-risk pricing model. We only make money when you make money.


Wizathon is a SaaS (Software as a Service) event platform and service that enables not-for-profit organizations to create, promote and administrator an online fundraising event with fully integrated social fundraising tools.

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