A Virtual Event Guide

Posted on 06/16/2020 by Wizathon Social Media Analyst in Fundraising Strategies
For most of you, this may be the first time you had to organize an event without live participants. Encouraging people to join and fundraise may be a challenge, but by focusing on the pros of virtual events,...

Feature Updates

Posted on 11/19/2019 by Wizathon Development Team in New Features
Feature Updates Now In Your Administrative System Starting from feature update 16.0 in November, 2019, all feature updates are available from your Control Panel in the Administrative System

Feature Update 15.0

Posted on 03/03/2019 by Wizathon Development Team in New Features
*** New *** One Step Wepay Refunds For our Wepay clients, when you need to issue a refund, you will no longer need to log into Wepay, issue the refund, and then log into Wizathon and cancel the transaction....

Wizathon Matching Campaigns –
Emunah America

Posted on 01/17/2019 by Wizathon Social Media Analyst in Case Studies
It’s finally here! We are thrilled to announce the launch of Wizathon Matching Campaigns – and the first campaign couldn’t have been more successful. Emunah of America took the new campaign...

Feature Update 14.6

Posted on 01/09/2019 by Wizathon Development Team in New Features
Peer-to-Peer Campaigns Associate Goals with Ticket Types You now have the ability to associate specific participant goal levels with ticket types. This is useful when one of your ticket types requires the...

Feature Update 14.0

Posted on 10/29/2018 by Wizathon Development Team in New Features
Administrative System Redesign We are pleased to announce the latest update of Wizathon. With this release, the entire administrative system has been redesigned and all of your events, past and present, are...

Feature Update 13.0

Posted on 07/23/2018 by Wizathon Development Team in New Features
Major "Under the Hood" Updates In order to keep up with industry standards and PCI Compliance for credit card processing, we have spent months upgrading many of the technical components on which...

Feature Update 12.0

Posted on 12/12/2017 by Wizathon Development Team in New Features
Newly Redesigned, Mobile Friendly and Guided Participant/Team Captain Centers The best way for your fundraising campaign to succeed is for your participants to be involved in the fundraising effort. To that...

Best Practices for Giving Tuesday

Posted on 11/13/2017 by Wizathon Social Media Analyst in Fundraising Strategies
Come mid-November, the holiday season is on its way. It’s a time for reflection and a time for giving to loved ones. It’s also nearing the end of the financial year when giving donations is on...

Ideas On How To Stay in Touch With Your Participants Between Fundraising Events

Posted on 08/24/2017 by Wizathon Development Team in FAQs/Tips & Tricks
It’s beneficial to your fundraising efforts to keep connected with your participants after your event has ended. Communicating with your participants and sponsors periodically throughout the year helps...
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