Feature Update 15.0

*** New *** One Step Wepay Refunds
For our Wepay clients, when you need to issue a refund, you will no longer need to log into Wepay, issue the refund, and then log into Wizathon and cancel the transaction. Now, you simply log into Wizathon, find the registration or sponsorship that you wish to refund and click the x next to the transaction. You will be prompted for the reason for the refund. You can also classify a cancellation as a chargeback or cancel only. “Cancel only” is for the case where you already manually refunded the transaction. The reason for your transaction cancellation is recorded and can be viewed when you view the transaction under Cancelled transactions.
Accurate Transaction Total at Checkout
In the past, when checking out, the amount displayed on the Process button was for the transaction amount excluding optional processing fees if the registrant or donor opted to pay them.  Optional processing fees are now calculated based on whether the credit card being used is domestic or international or Amex, therefore, we can display the exact amount that will be charged to the registrant's/donor's credit card on the Process transaction button.
  • Fixed Facebook image issue

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