Feature Update 14.0

Administrative System Redesign
We are pleased to announce the latest update of Wizathon. With this release, the entire administrative system has been redesigned and all of your events, past and present, are all available using a single account log in. The overall look is more up to date as well.
Resetting Events on Your Own
Another new Wizathon feature that will save you time and allow for setting up repeat events in a flash!
If you’ve raised at least $15,000 in last year’s event, you will be eligible to reset an event on your own. Using the new login portal, you will have the ability to reset your previous event and customize it on your own. You will have access to content pages, the registration form, and the donation page so that you can keep what you like and make new changes. You will still have the Wizathon support staff to guide and assist with any inquiries that come up along the way. This way, you can set up the site at your convenience and to your specifications.
Timed Campaigns - Special Reduced Rates for Giving Tuesday
We’d also like to re-introduce one of our newer fundraising platforms that can be easily utilized for any organization – Timed Campaigns. Timed campaigns are not tied to an event, but rather to a financial cause or goal to meet within a short timeframe. In addition, timed campaigns can incorporate the idea of matching to help increase motivation – meaning that every $1 donated is worth 2x, 3x or 4x that amount when matched by donors who have agreed to match donations for your organization and your cause.
Timed Campaigns allow for a quick self setup with organizational branding and are mobile friendly. Until the end of 2018, we are offering a special introductory rate of 2% plus credit card fees. The percentage is ONLY taken off the actual donation, so any matching donations are 100% yours to keep, and donors have the option to cover your fees during checkout. Take advantage of this option for your Giving Tuesday/End of Year Campaigns, during quieter periods, or to help quickly raise funds toward a specific project.
To view a sample Timed Campaign, visit

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