Feature Update 13.0

Major "Under the Hood" Updates
In order to keep up with industry standards and PCI Compliance for credit card processing, we have spent months upgrading many of the technical components on which Wizathon is built. We have updated our platform to run under the latest versions of PHP, our programming language, and MySQL, our data storage engine. In addition, we replaced an aging mail server and added a second, dedicated mail server. These infrastructure updates should take us well into 2020.
In an effort to allow maximum flexibility, our menu system has been overhauled on both the front and back ends. On the front end, you are no longer limited to one row of menu items. You can now create submenu items under a main menu item, and this new menu system is mobile friendly.
On the backend, we simplified the reordering of pages on your navigation or drop down to use drag and drop technology.
I'm Not A Robot Validation
When someone donates using the sponsor form, for added credit card and transaction protection, they must prove, using Google's technology, that they are a person by clicking the "I'm Not a Robot" checkbox.
Added Functionality
Listed below are some new features available and how to access them.
  • A new form called "Donate to the Cause", which is the same of the "Sponsor the Event" form without sponsorship items is now available. Reach out to us at [email protected] in order to place a button on your site that links to this form.
  • Images that exist on any website can now be inserted into the content area in an email job.
  • The latest Wepay API upgrade was implemented.
  • Added the ability to customize the title of the "Sponsor the Event" form.
    Setup/Tools -> Manage Profile and Settings
    Under the heading Sponsor Page Customizations

    Custom Title on Sponsor Event Page:
  • Do not allow emojis in the sponsor personal message. They caused data errors.
  • Allow pngs to be uploaded as logos. This was accidentally removed in a previous update.
  • Fixed bug when there is a quote in the default personal story text in the Participant Fundraising center.
  • Made all of the participant password entry validations the same.

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