Feature Update 11.2

Email a Group of Participants Based on Amount Raised in Dollars
Now, administrators can send targeted emails to those participants who have raised less than or greater than a specific dollar amount. This is useful in cases where reaching a specific dollar amount earns a participant a reward or when not reaching a specific dollar amount means that the participant owes money towards their mandatory goal. This is in addition to the feature where administrators can email a group of participants based on the percentage of their goal that they had raised,
Sponsor and Badge Email Notifications to Administrators
When the administrator chooses to receive notifications of sponsorships and badge awards via email, now those listed in the field "Additional Notification Email(s)" will receive those notifications as well as the administrator.
Expanded Revenue Analysis Report
Wepay fees are now broken out by registration fees vs. sponsorship fees for those clients using the Wepay gateway for credit card processing. This is similar to how Wizathon fees are being broken out by registration fees vs. sponsorship fees.
Added Functionality
Listed below are some new features available.
  • The team captain email address was added to the Team Export Reports.
  • When a current participant is cancelled, if they were connected to a previous event participant, they are disconnected from them so that that previous participant can be connected to a future participant.
  • In the photo player and sponsor logo management options, don't allow a photo or logo that has been uploaded to two different items to be deleted if one of the items is removed but the other is still active.

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