Feature Update 11.0

24 Hour (Timed) Fundraising Campaigns
In addition to our full-featured Peer-2-Peer fundraising platform for your walkathon, bikeathon, swimathon, triathlon evenys, Wizathon now offers 24 hour fundraising campaigns with support for matching donors. To learn more about this new campaign option, contact Rich Levitas at 443-992-4120 or

New Sponsor Receipt
A picture is worth a thousand words!  Our sponsor receipts have been revamped to be more aesthetically pleasing. Either the photo that you uploaded to display on every participant page (Setup/Tools -> Manage Profile & Settings) or the 1st of your Rotating Photos in your Photo Player (Setup/Tools -> Manage Rotating Photo Player Photos) will display in your sponsor receipt. A call to share on Facebook and/or Twitter is very prominent.
Added Functionality
Listed below are some new features available and how to access them.
  • Allow administators to choose a timezone for the countdown widget to reflect the proper amount of time left before your event.
    Setup/Tools -> Manage Profile and Settings -> Event Date/Time
  • Allow administrators to set registration and sponsorship end times that take timezones into consideration.
    Setup/Tools -> Manage Profile and Settings
  • When you edit a registration or sponsorship record, the Wepay checkout_id displays in order to allow an administrator to match Wepay transactions to Wizathon transactions.
  • The Google I'm not a robot recaptcha replaced our old recaptcha for streamlined human verificaton.

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