Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I begin?
Want to Participate?  Just register here and join us!
You can now create and manage your own personal page, share your photos, goals and get sponsors.
Want to sponsor a participant? Click here for details.
If you have further questions, please contact or visit or call (703) 832-2642.
2. What are the walk options and schedules?
The walk will take place rain or shine
Ceremony begins: 12:00 noon sharp
5K begins: 1:30 pm             
3. What does pledging to the walk mean, exactly?
By committing to this event, and pledging to raise money for its success, you are helping to raise money that will be used to help send women who have experienced FGM to receive restorative surgery, and will support the Lisa C. Bruch Scholarship Fund to help educate girls in West Africa, who have experienced FGM or are at risk of it. 
We know that we cannot do this alone; therefore we are seeking partners to join us as we create awareness and raise funds to assist FGM survivors and at-risk girls.
We wish you all the success possible. Enjoy the walk-A-thon and get all the sponsors you can, so when you cross that finish line, we will all be winners – you, and all the survivors of FGM!
4. How can my sponsors submit payment?
Online contributions can be made by credit card on the participant’s personalized page found on our website. Just make sure to tell your sponsors to select your name from the list of participants.
5. I am concerned that I might not be able to raise the required funds. Will I be able to do it?
Even if you've never raised money before, our materials and strategies will make it easy for you to solicit and collect sponsors from friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, and others. Experience has shown that it is not only possible, but enjoyable, to set and reach your goals.  Please refer to the sample letters found on your personal fundraising page center, that explains the  programs the Walk supports, and you will be surprised to see how quickly friends, family, and co-workers will respond to your request to help this wonderful cause.  Just remember to make it personal as well, as you want them to know that they are sponsoring YOU and YOUR efforts! And, as many companies offer charitable donation matching programs, make sure to ask your sponsors to check with their employers, as it will help you meet your goal ever more quickly.
6. Are there other activities planned for the day?
We expect to attract more than 2,000 participants, family members and friends and supporters from the community.
In addition to the walk-A-thon, there will be a brief ceremony prior to the walk, starting at noon.  There will be a Keynote Speaker and two or three FGM survivor speakers sharing their stories.  There will also be prizes and recognition.
7. Do I walk alone or do I have to be with a team?
You may either walk as an individual or you may join a team and walk with your team.
8. Is there a refund/exchange policy?
Yes. If a donation was made accidentally or for the wrong amount, simply make us aware of the issue and we will be happy to make any necessary refunds, changes or corrections. You may contact us by email at  Registration fees are not refundable.

9. Is parking available?  
Parking is available only on the street but it is not guaranteed.  Traveling by Metro is highly recommended.  The nearest metro station is the Smithsonian Metro stop, 2 blocks away from the National Sylvan Theater where the walk-A-thon site is located.
10. What is the Award Ceremony?
The Award Ceremony was an addition in 2018.  We have been awarding women and men for their work against FGM and women's issues since our 2015 Walk.  Prior to 2018, we gave out the awards on Walk Day at the Walk To End FGM.  Since our 5th year of the Walk (2018), we have had the Award Ceremony separate from the actual Walk Day.  It is held on Friday, October 18, 2019 at 6:30pm.
11. If I want to attend the Award Ceremony and the Walk, how do I do it?
When you go to register, you will be given the option of only participating in the Walk on Walk Day or registering for both the Walk and the Award Ceremony.   
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