Training/ Race Courses
TEAM OHEL recommends Studio Inna for personal training to prepare you for the big day.  Studio Inna has partnered with OHEL and has worked out a special price for TEAM OHEL participants.
Studio Inna?
Studio Inna represents the confluence of a staff educated in the latest science of movement, strength, and exercise physiology under the leadership of Inna Koppel, is attuned to the psychosocial contributions to fitness and wellness and is dedicated to promoting emotional and physical strength and endurance.
Studio services Inna provides:
-Strength Training Program using our Starting Strength Method for Injury Prevention
-Schwinn Indoor Cycling Training Program incorporating Force Workouts 
-Heart Rate Rides with our Exclusive Polar Cardio GX System
-Cross Training for Endurance with our Indo-Row water rowers
-Programming for better Lactate Threshold & improvement in VO2Max
-Sport Specific Pilates Small Group Training for Core stability and flexibility 
-Nutritional Counseling for optimal performance 
-Recovery & Soft Tissue Repair with our Anatomic Yoga 
-Indoor Training on Fluid Trainers
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*Studio Inna works in collaboration with South Shore Bicycle & Fitness and with their coaches on program design.*
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