We are excited you have chosen to participate in Jerusalem Marathon
2019! We’d like to show you just how simple it can be to raise money
for our cause.
Are you ambitious and have set a higher goal for yourself? Great! Simply
adjust the minimum donation amount you’re asking of each potential
donor and/or increase the number of people you’re going to ask.
  1. Donate to yourself.  It all begins with you!
  2. Ask 4 family members to donate $75 each.
  3. Ask 5 friends to donate $50 each.
  4. Ask 4 co-workers to donate $50 each.
  5. Ask your boss for a company contribution of $100.
  6. Ask 2 businesses you frequent to donate $25 each.
  TOTAL $1000
Post on social media like Facebook or Instagram. Send a mass text
on What's App or email your friends. Share what you are doing and
include your personal fundraising page link as well, so they can donate immediately.  Ask friends for $25!  Try choosing a different group of
friends to target each week.  The key is volume.  $25 a person adds
up quickly. You can do it!
Wizathon - Developed by PBCS Technology
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