Durga Tree International, INC.

Durga Tree International was founded in 2013 by three New Jersey residents who, through their various philanthropic associations, learned about the epidemic that is modern slavery. Together, they researched many qualified organizations and agencies working on various components of this problem.  They initially envisioned supporting a few NGOs personally, but quickly realized that, unless these groups learned to work together, there would never be any real, lasting sustainable change. This became the first cornerstone of Durga Tree International ~ Collaboration.

Durga Tree was formed with the intent of bringing multiple qualified partners together to support their individual strengths, create a support network for modern abolitionists, foster a variety of programs around the globe effectively dealing with the many facets of modern slavery, and educate local US communities about their relationship to Human Trafficking and how it  effects every person's life.
Since Durga Tree’s initial inception, over $600,000 has been raised to support multiple projects, domestically and around the globe.  Thousands of people have been educated about the epidemic of slavery and now our organization is launching an economic platform to empower survivors of trafficking both here in the United States and in India.
Durga Tree International quite simply takes the homework out of becoming an abolitionist. Our program literally takes your single donation and spreads those funds around the world.  As a smaller organization, we pride ourselves on transparency and are as excited as our donors to share with you how funds raised are transforming the lives of many.  We enjoy staying in touch with our Durga Tree family via social media, newsletter, and in person at our office in North Jersey.
To learn more about the modern day anti-slavery movement, Durga Tree International and how you can “Be The Change”, check out of website or our various social media platforms.
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