About Us
HOOVES partners with horses to help service men and women to return to the life they fought to protect.
For the past 8 years the HOOVES program has dedicated itself to helping our service men and women return to the life they fought to protect. We have had so many incredible success stories!!
It is because of people like YOU that these veterans have regained their lives. There is truly no better way to say thank you to a veteran! Sustaining partners at HOOVES take pride in the fact that 100% of their donations go directly to the program.
HOOVES runs a nationwide horse rescue and equine assisted training and certification program, that facilitates healing of veterans and their families, so they may reconnect and reestablish a sense of normalcy, allowing them to return to their community with a mission and strong sense of purpose.
Guiding Principals
• To uphold the military mindset of selfless service
• Fill organizational voids through creative thinking and effective application
• Support each other at any capacity to the best of our ability
• Strive daily to grow on a personal level
• Practice what we preach
• Foster continuous service to humanity
• Create a legacy that will continue to serve beyond our lifetime
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