Event Details
On Sunday, May 25th, we will remotely hold our 4th Annual Gross Schechter Day School Run/Walk.  2020 has proven to be different, but even though we are doing our part to help fight COVID-19, we can still show our support and Gross Schechter ruach by running together (while apart).  Form a team, share pictures, videos and most importantly, your love of Schechter on Social Media.   Registration for this event is free.
The event will take place on your own trail (either alone or with your family outside, on your treadmill, elliptical, or even running laps around your yard!).  Teams are encouraged to wear Schechterwear or costumes, get creative (i.e. I'm walking a 5K 3-legged race in honor of my beloved school).  Prizes will be awarded for best/most creative participation!
**If you are looking for ways to help give back, please feel free to crowd-fund support for your team (and our school) VIRTUALLY!
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