About Us
Many of the shelters across our nation are kill-shelters and for that reason alone, TEARS has chosen to work very closely with our county facility and the dogs and cats that come into there. 

TEARS Inc. is a volunteer-driven, 501(c)3 non-profit organization, founded to support abused, abandoned and relinquished animals within Seminole County Animal Services (SCAS).  Our mission is to work in unison with SCAS to improve both shelter living conditions and quality of life for these homeless animals. Unlike private shelters, SCAS must take in every animal brought to them and provide it with food and basic medicine, regardless of whether or not they have the space or adequate staffing to care for them. There are no extra funds to give additional medical attention to any one animal. If a dog or cat comes into the shelter needing extra medical attention, either it's put up for adoption in hopes that someone adopts it and gets it the medical help it needs, or its euthanized.  The shelter is also not permitted to raise additional funds in order to support its efforts which means the support TEARS offers is critical to the animals that come in needing extra medical care. 

Zola was brought into SCAS on Jan. 9, 2016 with what her owner called a “leg wound”.  Upon taking one look at Zola, SCAS staff had realized Zola had chewed off her leg and was just a couple of days from dying of severe infection, dehydration and blood loss.  As she wagged her tail and gave out kisses waiting for help, TEARS sprang into action to get this sweet girl to our vet for care.  After receiving major antibiotics, two blood transfusions and an amputation to remove what was left of her leg, Zola was one of the lucky ones who landed in the right place for us to help her!  Although she only has three-legs to get around on, that doesn’t stop her from living her life fully.  She is doing great and has moved onto a new forever home!  

Zola is just one example of those that have received our help.  Ruby, a 10-year old Bassett Hound was surrendered by her owner in June 2016.  Her teeth had been neglected and she needed a dental.  During her cleaning, she had several rotten teeth pulled and was put on antibiotics to help clear the infection.  Chi-Chi was a stray who was brought in who was urinating blood.  He had several large kidney stones removed from his bladder.   Spike was surrendered by his owner because they could not afford his care.  He desperately needed a femoral head ostectomy surgery.  Stacia, a sweet kitten, showed up with a broken leg and was in a cast for 8 weeks and needed multiple xrays to monitor her healing.  And Squishy, a gorgeous Persian who came back to us three times before he found his forever home, was brought in suffering from a horrible urinary tract infection that took us 2 months to clear up. 
Every animal TEARS "touches" is saved and guaranteed a new beginning.  You can read the stories of many of the dogs and cats we have helped by visiting our website.  Thank you for your support in helping with our ongoing medical needs. 
For more information, please visit our website or look us up on Facebook
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