About Us
G'mach is an acronym for Gemilut Chasadim or Deeds of loving-kindness. The G'mach is a place where people donate items they have no use for. Items donated to the G'mach are given for free to recipients in need from our warehouse located off of Miramar Road.
The San Diego G’mach is the one and only G’mach in San Diego that helps the community at large with financial needs, emergency needs, professional adult mentoring & advocacy, holiday meals, and distributes clothing, furniture, food and toys to the larger community in need. The San Diego G'mach has helped enhance the quality of life for children, teens and adults in San Diego who are living below the poverty line. We are dedicated to this underserved population and all proceeds raised from the Run will allow us to build on the countless monthly programs we currently offer.
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