Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I join a team?
Just register here and join!
At the registration page you can create and manage your own personal page, share your photos, goals and get sponsors.
2.  How do I sponsor a squash player?
Just click here for details!
3. What does "GIVE / GET" mean exactly?
By committing to this event as a player, you are pledging to raise at MINIMUM $2,000 towards the Racquets Rally.  You have the ability to either A.) GIVE towards your $2,000 goal B.) GET $2,000 from friends, family, etc.  By fundraising for Urban Squash Cleveland you are providing invaluable funds to empower youth in Cleveland through the sport of squash, academic support, and enduring life skills.
4. What is the Rally format?
Please reference "Event Details" tab!
5. What if I don't want to play squash for a team?  You CAN still help raise money!
Click "Register to Participate" then click on the "fundraising only participant" option. This option to Rally for USC is FREE.
6. Can I attend the Racquets Rally celebration on May 7 if I don’t play or participate?
Of course!  Stay tuned for further event details.
7. How can my sponsors submit payment?
Online contributions can be made by credit card on the player’s or team’s personalized page.  Just make sure to tell your sponsors to select your name or your team's name from the list of players.  Checks can also be mailed directly to Urban Squash Cleveland at:
Urban Squash Cleveland
P.O Box 14817
Cleveland, OH 44114
8. Questions?
Please contact Iago Cornes at 216-315-2258 or or Mark Anderson at
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