Start a Team!
Together with friends, family, or co-workers
Everyone benefits and has fun
Achieving goals
Maximizing your efforts
Swim-a-thon success


Swimmers can choose to come as individuals or join a team. The event is welcoming to individual swimmers, with the hope that people will form new friendships.

Friends, neighbors, community members, and congregations are encouraged to form teams, which can be done after the registration process is complete. Forming a team is an opportunity to build community before the Swim-a-thon even begins. Teams can train together and host social events leading up to the Swim-a-thon. Being on a team might be helpful with your fundraising as well.

However, being on a team does not change your fundraising commitment. Teams can opt to create a “team fundraising page” where community members can contribute to a joint pool. Distribution of the money collected on the team page to members of the team is up to the discretion of the team captain. Team members can also distribute money to other members who are short of their goal.

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