About Us

Clean Slate is a Long Island based Non-Profit organization. Our team consists of people with diverse backgrounds whose life experiences foster dynamic perspectives on positive living ethics with a passion to reach the unreached in our communities. We are striving to teach and empower children, teenagers and young adults to live healthy lifestyles. We're looking to challenge each individual to identify where they lack integrity and remove habits that may lead them to moral and physical self destruction.
Partner with us today and help our youth combat addiction, bullying, suicide, and self worth. We believe every child and young adult deserves to wipe their slate clean from addiction, toxic relationships, and bullying. Most importantly, we want our audience to walk away knowing that they have a PURPOSE to fulfill and that they are WORTHY of love. 
Our goal is giving people a chance to REWRITE TOMORROW. 
For more information or bookings, please visit our website or follow us on Facebook.
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