About The Event
This year's superhero theme is to honor not only the heroic teachers, administrators, parent body of BPY, but to also honor the heroism present in YOU - our supporters - who make it possible for BPY to provide the best education for each child.
One way we can collectively help to do so is by ensuring a strong and vibrant Jewish future through accessible, high quality Jewish day school education. BPY's Annual Scholarship Walkathon gives each one of us the opportunity to invest in the next generation of the Jewish people - whether we are sponsors or participants - and ensure that BPY can continue to provide an inspiring Judaic and General Studies education for our 420+ students. 
This year, in addition to walking, event participants will have the chance to get dressed up as their favorite superhero, culminating with Superhero themed challenges ranging form track & field to gymnastics, and more.
Our goal this year is just as ambitious as last year's--100% participation from our growing parent body.  Rabbi Zucker and the rest of the staff will be engaging the children and creating valuable lessons from this event. We have also planned many fun communal challenges along the way... so stay tuned!
To learn more about Ben Porat Yosef, visit us at https://www.benporatyosef.org/apps/pages/about/welcome.
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