About Us
African-American and other minority representation in hazard and disaster mitigation is very important. Research has shown that racial and ethnic minorities often have increased difficulty evacuating prior to a crisis and are more likely to experience disproportionate physical and financial loss during disasters.
Founded in 2014 by Norma Doneghy Anderson, the William Averette Anderson Fund (BAF) has developed a mission dedicated to the work done by and the legacy of William (Bill) Averette Anderson who passed away in 2013.
From 2019 to 2020, the BAF Flagship operated at the University of Delaware under the directorship of Monica Sanders. The Flagship's charge was to carry forward the mission and vision of the BAF.
Today, the Flagship operates from within the BAF 501(c)(3) and begins a new chapter to achieve our mission and vision: to expand the number of historically underrepresented professionals in the field of disaster and hazard research and practice so that the diversity of the hazard and disaster field be reflective of American society.
The BAF 501(c)(3) now begins a new chapter with the following charges:
  • The continued development of its original mission. 

  • To maintain responsibility of the annual BAF Disaster Dash 5K in support of the BAF Flagship programs and Fellows. 

  • To continue the advocacy that has been central to the BAF mission since its inception through speaking engagements, communications, networking and related activities. 

  • To develop an award for BAF Fellows Alumni who have made a significant contribution to the issues expressed in the BAF mission and/or through the Collaborative Communities Initiative. 

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