About Yeshiva High School of Arizona (YHSA)
Our Mission
Yeshiva High School of Arizona is committed to inspiring our students with enthusiasm for Torah life. Our dual curriculum is designed to develop our students' potential, providing proficiency in both Torah studies and general knowledge through our excellent General Studies program.
By emphasizing the development of exemplary character and sensitivity to others, our graduates will gain skills vital to creating successful relationships in all areas of life.
Our nurturing environment provides students with a strong sense of self-confidence, enabling them to become leaders of the next generation.
Yeshiva High School of Arizona serves the Jewish communities of Arizona and the West Coast.
Our Philosophy
A Yeshiva education provides students with opportunities to be successful in using all of their unique abilities. The first Mishna in Pirkei Avos says,"Ha'amidu talmidim harbei," providing us with the imperitive to educate many students. The literal translation of "Ha'amidu talmidim harbei" means to "stand up many students." The usage of the word "Ha'amidu"  teaches us that, as educators, our role is to empower each student with the ability to stand on his own.

By giving students opportunities to be successful they will find a deep sense of satisfaction enabling them to stand independently. Through the Yeshiva's wide range of educational opportunities, at YHSA we encourage each student to succeed according to his own unique talents and abilities.
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