Frequently Asked Questions
To find out about the routes and other information about the Tour de Shuls, please click here:
1. How do I begin?
Want to Participate?
Just register here and join us!
You can now create and manage your own personal page, share your photos, goals and get sponsors.
Want to sponsor a participant? Click here for details.
2. When is Tour de Shuls held this year?
Due to the limitations of COVID-19, Tour de Shuls 2021 is again socially distancing.
Rather than being held on a single day, we encourage people to get out and ride on behalf of the Tikvah Program anytime in JuneWe ask that you maintain social distancing at all times (6 feet) and wear masks, especially when on synagogue property.
3. What Does Pledging to the Tour de Shuls Mean, Exactly?
By committing to this event, and pledging to raise money for its success, you are helping raise invaluable funds for the Tikvah Program at Camp Ramah New England.  The Tikvah Program at Camp Ramah New England was one of the first summer programs for Jewish children with disabilities.
This goal is not a commitment, but rather what New England Region of the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs hopes you will be able to raise for our cause.
The Tikvah Program affords campers with incredible opportunities for growth in the areas of Jewish identity, socialization, independence, and much more. The Tikvah Program is an integral part of the Camp Ramah in New England community and consists of three main tracks: Inclusion (in typical bunks with support), Amitzim (our camp program that provides a higher level of support), and Tochnit Avodah (our vocational training program). We also offer summer employment with supports to a select group of graduates of our Tikvah program.
4. How can my sponsors submit payment?
Online contributions can be made by credit card on the rider's personalized page found on this website. Just make sure to tell your sponsors to select your name from the list of riders.
5. I am concerned that I might not be able to raise the required funds. Will I be able to do it?
Even if you've never raised money before, our materials and strategies will make it easy for you to solicit and collect sponsorships from friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, and others. Experience has shown that it is not only possible, but enjoyable, to set and reach your goals.  Please refer to the sample letters found on your personal fundraising page center, that explains the  programs the Tour de Shuls supports, and you will be surprised to see how quickly friends, family, and co-workers will respond to your request to help this wonderful cause.  Just remember to make it personal as well, as you want them to know that they are sponsoring YOU and YOUR efforts! And, as many companies offer charitable donation matching programs, make sure to ask your sponsors to check with their employers, as it will help you meet your goal ever more quickly.
6. Do You Ride Alone or as a Team?
Either! Participants can ride alone or create their own team to ride the routes. 
7. Is there a refund/exchange policy?
Yes. If a donation was made accidentally or for the wrong amount, simply make us aware of the issue and we will be happy to make any necessary refunds, changes or corrections. Race registration fees are not refundable.
8. Is parking available?  
You may park at the synagogues listed on the routes, but please do not enter the synagogues.  
There are no bathroom facilities available.
We ask that you maintain social distancing at all times (6 feet) and wear masks, especially when on synagogue property.
At Temple Beth Sholom, Framingham, please park at the top of the lot, where Pamela Rd enters the lot.
Please leave a note on your dashboard saying that you are riding the Tour de Shuls!
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