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The Sojourner Truth Walk: Celebrating Girls' and Women's Leadership
This event is named in honor of Sojourner Truth, an African-American woman who escaped slavery and then fought to end it, while also speaking out for women's rights and economic justice. She, along with many others, has served as an inspiration and role model for generations to come. We are walking in their footsteps!
The Sojourner Truth Walk will include both an in-person and online option for participation this year. Please see event details page for more info.
All participants are encouraged to participate this year in honor of a teacher they admire. If you attend the event in person, blank signs will be available for you to write their name and/or attach a photograph. If you attend virtually, you will be encouraged to hold up a sign at home during the event, celebrating the teacher you have chosen to honor.
Why teachers? This past year we have asked so much of our teachers, adapting to changing conditions and help our young people adapt too, often with little notice and few resources. Parents/guardians forced to help students at home have also been teachers this year, and hopefully we all recognize now the hard work of skilled, caring adults supporting young people in their growth and learning, and the need for fair systems and resources for all young people and teachers. Sojourner Truth Walk participants can choose to define "teacher" however they choose in selecting an honoree, and can choose someone from their past or present. But we want to honor the hard work, dedication, and leadership of teachers in their many roles.
This is a family-friendly event--all are welcome!
Camp Sojourner, Girls' Leadership Camp
All proceeds from the Sojourner Truth Walk benefit Camp Sojourner, Girls' Leadership Camp, a nonprofit leadership program for Philadelphia girls. Our program focuses on team-building, leadership development, creative arts, and appreciation of nature. We offer girls the chance to get out of the city for a one-week sleepaway camp* experience, and then to get involved in our year-round mentoring, service projects, creative arts, and leadership activities. *This year, due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic, we will be offering two weeks of day camp outdoors, with an overnight tent camping option, including creative arts, state parks, and college tours.
The mission of Camp Sojourner, Girls’ Leadership Camp, is to help girls become leaders who take charge of their own lives and also act as agents of positive change in their communities. Camp Sojourner is composed of both girls and women who work together to make our summer program and year-round activities possible. We fundraise year-round so that our programs can be affordable for all families, and we offer our programs on a sliding scale based on family size and income, with significant scholarships.
For more information and pictures of our year-round work, please visit our website:
Movement Alliance Project
Camp Sojourner, Girls’ Leadership Camp, is a fiscally sponsored project of the Movement Alliance Project (MAP), meaning that Camp Sojourner does all of its own fundraising but MAP provides fiscal oversight and infrastructure. MAP's mission is to build power with community organizations working at the intersection of race, technology and inequality, running strategic campaigns, lifting up untold stories, and building infrastructure for poor and working people to win lasting power and a just society.
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