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If you are an not already a part of an iDance4aCURE event, please join our Virtual iDance4aCURE team and help raise funds for much needed childhood cancer research today!
Great prizes too!
Raise $25 receive an iDance4aCURE headband
Raise $50 receive #OURFIGHT socks and a headband!
Raise $100 receive an iDance4aCURE tee shirt plus headband and socks!
Raise $200 receive a rhinestone iDance4aCURE Tee shirt plus tee shirt, socks and headband!
Raise $300 receive iDance4aCURE leggings, plus tee shirt, rhinestone shirt, socks and headband!
Raise $500 receive an iDance4aCURE Sweatjacket/Hoody plus all the other goodies!
Don't forget to put iDance4aCURE Heart of Gold/Ambassdor on social media


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