We are excited you have chosen to participate in the Good Grief 5K Run and Walk For Hope! We’d like to show you just how simple it can be to fundraise.
  1. Make your own gift: Make a gift of $25 or more yourself.
  2. Start Now: The earlier you begin fundraising, the better off you’ll be. You’ll be able to go way beyond the pledge minimum of $100 and then you can focus on your 5K training.
  3. Participant Center: One of the great features of our website is the personal participant center where you can upload a photo of yourself or your team, write a little bit about your mission and reason for running/walking, and create a fundraising goal. From this site you can send an email to everyone on your contact list and invite them to visit the website. You can also keep track of donations that you receive by entering them into your account.
  4. Send Emails to family and friends, explaining what Good Grief’s 5K Run and Walk for Hope is all about and ask for their support. Suggestion: Always ask for more than you expect. Example: If you want $25, ask for $50. Be sure to include a due date within 10 days to make the gift.
  5. Email Signature:  Add a link to your fundraising page in your email signature. The more people who know you are fundraising and how they can support you, the more money you will raise.
  6. Social Media: Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow you to reach your friends, their friends, and their friends’ friends. Make sure you share personal stories on your social media pages when asking for donations. The more you share, the more likely others are to support you.
  7. Stay Connected: Follow Good Grief on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for news and site-specific updates!
  8. Host An Event: Host a dine-in event at a local restaurant. Usually they will donate 10 or 15% to your organization. Host a yard sale, bake sale; anything you can think of!
  9. Matching Gifts: Make sure to ask if your company or your teammate’s companies participate in a matching gifts program. This is a great (and easy) way to double your donations!
  10. Throw A Party: Collect $10 per person and entertain at the same time. Create a theme and have fun!
  11. 5 for 10: Ask 5 friends to make a gift of $10 each.
  12. Take a walk around your neighborhood. Knock on doors and ask your neighbors for their support.
  13. Jeans Anyone: Arrange a dress down day at work. Anyone dressing down will have to pay $5. Be sure you have a sign that says, “Please excuse our appearance today, we are dressing down to benefit Good Grief’s 5K Run and Walk for Hope.”  You could arrange these on a monthly basis.
  14. Bake for Cause: Hold a Friday bake sale at work so employees will have treats for the weekend. Ask for baked goods to be wrapped attractively so they could be given as gifts.
  15. Remind Them: If you didn’t receive an answer the first time you asked, ask again! Your potential donor may need a little coaxing. Ask as many times as you can: Then ask again!
  16. Tell your story: The more you talk about your upcoming 5K challenge, the more people will share in that excitement and want to support you.
  17. Right Amount: Take a good look at who you’re asking for donations and make sure you ask for the right amount. Don’t ask for $100 if you know someone could give a $1,000.
  18. Start A Running/Walking Club: Ask for $5 contributes to lead the run or walk.
  19. A Good Gift Idea: Ask for a gift to Good Grief's 5K Run and Walk for Hope for your birthday. 
  20. Think Thank You: Post a thank you video or message on social media. Be sure to call out your friends. Send follow up with thank you emails/letters.  
The fundraising possibilities are endless. Did you know the main reason people don’t make a gift is because they were never asked? 
Fundraising Questions?  Email us: events@good-grief.org  
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