Tips for Team Captains

Below are some practical ideas for Team Captains to maximize their team's fundraising.   
  • Keep your team excited and motivated about their participation and remind them of how wonderful they are in helping the cause.
  • Make sure to that all team members understand how important it is to ask friends and family to sponsor their participation so that the organization can provide the critical services and support to your community. 
  • Choose your team participants from your circle of friends, colleagues, and community members.
  • Create a WhatsApp group (or similar) for your team, allowing for sharing of ideas and questions.
  • Schedule a regular training time to meet with your team members -- and have fun.
  • Take and post photos of yourself, your goal, and your team members, and share them on social media.
  • Remain positive for your team members. Offer support for those who need assistance, and encourage more successful members to keep fundraising for the cause.
  • Send out regular emails to your team members detailing personal, motivational stories of how the community benefits from all that the organization does.
  • Celebrate your accomplishments at the end of the event.

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