Organizing a 5K Charity Walk/Run with

A popular and generally fun community wide fundraiser is the 5K Walk or Run.  While a primary benefit of a community based 5K event is to raise much needed funds, the ancillary benefits are many.  Your organization has an opportunity to publicize awareness about your cause, the issues surrounding the cause, community commitment to work solutions to address the cause, and build a new base of donors for your organization.
The first step for a successful event is to define a compelling cause, assemble your campaign committee and establish a budget and goals. read full article
After defining your cause and establishing your committee, you will need to decide on the date and location of the 5K fundraising event, along with the event logistics. read full article
In order to implement a successful 5K fundraising event you will need the right skills, resources, and processes in place, along with organized checklists and schedules. Checklists and schedules will keep you planned and prepared. read full article
The phase of designing and building your 5K event fundraising and registration website is the critical stage in order to begin the process to promote your fundraising event, recruit participants and fundraise for your cause. read full article
Once you’ve designed and built your 5k event fundraising and registration website, it’s time to go into high gear with promoting your event. The traditional postings on your website, e-newsletters and email blasts work great, but today, social media marketing is of critical importance. read full article
Race Day
Make sure that you’ve completed your checklists and kept to your schedule.  All of your staff and volunteers should be in place for the big day.  Make sure to take lots of photos.
After Event Close Out
Following your checklist and schedule, make sure that you update your event website with results and photos, send a post-event thank you email to all participants and sponsors, tally up your final numbers and host a post event debrief with your committee to write notes for next year’s event.
The Wizathon “Peer to Peer” Social Fundraising Platform
In order to have a successful fundraiser, you should choose a comprehensive and full featured event fundraising and registration website platform.  The Wizathon platform includes a branded event website, integrated online event registration, integrated and unlimited personal fundraising pages for both participants and teams, a general donation form, integrated credit card processing capability and event management analysis and reporting tools. 
In addition to these minimum requirements for a platform, Wizathon also includes:
  • choosing how to apply fees towards goals
  • an option for setting up mandatory sign-up convenience fees
  • an option for sponsors to cover processing
  • customization of instructional text for registration, sponsorship and notification emails
  • a comprehensive personal fundraising center which provides, for each participant, tips and tools for fundraising, social media tools for sharing their page and the ability to send thank you emails to their sponsors
  • a fundraising specialist to guide you on your event fundraising path
  • a “sample letter library” that you can use to customize and send targeted emails to participants, sponsors and team captains to help motivate them to raise more money for your cause.
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