Feature Update 9.3 & 9.4

New Participant/Team Page Layout with Organization Cause Included
According to our statistics, over 50% of donors go directly to a participant's fundraising page for the participant that they want to sponsor rather than going to the home page of your event website. The reason for this is that participants send a direct link to their fundraising page via social media shares and via email. The problem was that you, the organization, did not have any place on the participant's fundraising page to show or explain your cause. With this update, we added the feature to add either a graphic or YouTube video, as well as text explaining your fundraising cause, on every participant and team fundraising page. This will allow organizations to better connect with the donors who bypass their home page. To post your event's cause text and/or YouTube video, review these step-by-step instructions. To view a sample participant page with the added organization cause information, view this sample page.

Discount Code Usage Per Participant Rather than Per Registrant
When a registrant uses a discount (or complimentary) code that has an associated limited use quantity, the system will check to see the number of participants that have already used the discount code and determine if there are remaining uses left for the participant(s) being registered. If there aren't enough uses remaining, the registration process will stop, alerting the registrant that they need to remove a certain number of participants from THIS registration and enter them on a separate paid registration.  For discount (or complementary) codes without a quantity associated with them, the code will be applied against the registration fees as in the past.
Connecting to Past Team Information during the Registration Process

Past participants have always been able to connect their current participant registration to their past year's information by choosing the "I Participated in Last Year's Event" button and entering their login details from the past year.
Now, when a prior year participant registers for the event and is creating a new team, the system will check to see if the participant was a team captain for that previous event. If they were a team captain last event, the system will automatically connect the participant's team information from last year to this year and copy the image and blog text from the previous year.

Added Functionality
Listed below are some new features available and how to access them.
  • When an administrator manually connects a team to last year, the team photo and blog text copies to this year's team.
  • Allow YouTube videos to be placed on a content page by simple entering the YouTube URL. On the editor toolbar, second row, there is now a YouTube icon.
  • When re-sending a sponsor notification, the system now lists the date paid rather than the date sent.
  • Various updated clarifications to the text during registration for a better registration experience.

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