Feature Update 9.1

This set of updates add new fixes and features that were implemented at the end of March 2016.
Sponsor Logo Marquee Widget
It is now easy to upload sponsor logos and have them displayed in the footer of your event website as a rotating marquee. Each logo can link off to your sponsor's site or any page you choose. To see an example of a sponsor logo marquee, visit For complete directions on how to create and place the sponsor logo marquee, visit our help desk link.
Mandatory Registration Processing Fees.

Your organization's cost for using the Wizathon event registration system can now be ABSOLUTELY FREE!  With this update, Wizathon offers 2 options with regards to offsetting registration processing fees. The first is the existing option to offer registrants the choice to pay the Wizathon & credit card processing fees. The second is to allow you to set, per ticket, a mandatory Signup Fee. This fee can used to cover credit card fees, Wizathon fees, chip timing fees or any other fee that is incurred by your organization per participant.  If you are applying registration fees towards participant goals, only the ticket portion of the fee will be applied, not the signup fees. The 2 options are mutually exclusive. If you choose to use the mandatory signup fees and a registrant makes a donation at the time of his registration, he will not have the option to cover the processing fees related to the donation portion of his registration. Lastly, you may also create a discount code to remove mandatory signup fees for offline registrations.
To set Signup Fees:
Setup/Tools -> Manage Participant Registration Form Setup
Edit or Add a Ticket
Enter your regular price SignUp fees and your Early Bird Price SignUp fees

To Create a Discount Code to deduct Signup Fees:
Setup/Tools -> Manage Participant Registration Form Setup
Add a Discount
In the Percent, enter 0 and in the Remove Signup Fees, choose Yes.

Added Functionality
Listed below are some new features available and how to access them.
  • Allow administrators to choose whether to receive automatic notifications when a participant or team reaches a badge milestone level. This can be set per badge and the  default is no.
    Setup/Tools -> Manage Badges
    Edit or Add a Badge
    Email Administrator Whenever a Participant or Team reaches a new level:*
  • The mobile experience for registrants and sponsors was improved. More of the screen area is used.
  • The link on emails sent "To view this email online, click here" was fixed.

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