Feature Update 9.0

This set of updates add new fixes and features that were implemented at the end of February 2016.
WePay Clients Can Now Receive 100% of Registration Fees and Sponsorships
In the past, there was no way to receive EXACT registration fees and sponsorships when the registrant or sponsor selected to pay the optional processing fees.  This was because the optional processing fees feature worked off of a percent and couldn’t take into consideration Wepay’s $0.30 per transaction fee. Now, if you have already set a percentage, the system will ignore it and know how to calculate how much is necessary to cover both the Wizathon and Wepay fees so that if the registrant or sponsor chooses to cover processing fees, you will receive 100% of the transaction fees.
For example, if someone sponsors a participant $10 and chooses to pay the processing fees, you will receive $10!
Revenue Analysis
This new report is accessible through a link added to the Dashboard or under Setup/Tools.
This Analysis breaks out all revenue by credit card payments, checks and overrides.  It also calculates all of the processing fees, and taking into consideration your optional processing fees paid, shows you the true cost of using the Wizathon platform with Wepay credit card processing.
Volunteer Registration Form
Now organizations can opt to have a separate registration form for volunteer opportunities.  The volunteers will still show up under the Participants tab in the administration system, but participation ticket types can now be separated from volunteer ticket types. If you wish to take advantage of this new feature, contact us at so that we can guide you through the setup process.
Added Functionality
Listed below are some new features available and how to access them.
  • Allow administators to turn off registration notifications being sent to them.
    Setup/Tools -> Manage Profile and Settings
    Under the heading Registration Customizations
    Would you like a copy of every registration sent to the administrators?
  • When registering multiple participants, above the receipt, the following words were added for clarification: “Thank you for your registration. The following receipt has been sent to your email." 
  • During registration, after finding the participant from the previous year, the screen is shifted up and the cursor is placed in the first name field.
  • If a participant has been cancelled and someone tries to access their page from a link that was sent via email or social media, a page is displayed that says that the participant is no longer valid.
  • Updated the Registrants tab to display if a registration had a donation associated with it, and when you click the pencil to edit/display, you can view those details. This aids in reconciliation.
  • For tickets that have a maximum quantity, only count from active participants not cancelled ones.
    Only allow an administrator to uncancel a participant with a ticket type with a maximum quantity if there is quantity left.
    Only allow an administrator to transfer to a ticket type with maximum quantity if there are tickets left.
  • Temporarily stamp registration and sponsorship information before a transaction is processed just in case there is a communication problem and the credit card is processed but the transaction is not recorded in Wizathon.
  • Do not allow a registration to be processed if there are no participants.

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