Feature Update 7.7 - 7.9

This set of updates add new fixes and features that were implemented during June through September 2015.
Administrative Updates
  • Event Analysis section added to the Dashboard.
  • Emails Jobs – allow the administrator to email participants and team captains from last year’s event.
  • Option for the administrator to hide an event sponsor ticket type.
  • Option to limit number of tickets for a ticket type.
  • Added the badge name field to the participant and team export so that the administrator can sort on this field to easily identify participants who have reached each badge level.
  • Option to use a different header image for emails (650px wide).
  • Added new security level called Assistant. This gives the person logged in access to everything except Email Jobs, Pages and Setup/Tools.  
Website/User Updates
  • Participants can now use capital letters in their passwords.
  • On the email that is sent to participants when they are sponsored, the name of the person who sponsored them is now included except in the case of an anonymous sponsor.
  • Allow team captains to create a connection to their team from the previous year’s event in order to be able to view and communicate with last year’s members.  
  • Allow participants and team captains to create thank you note template text and fill in automatically for each new thank you note.

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