Feature Update 7.5 - 7.6.7

This set of updates add new fixes and features that were implemented during March through May 2015.
Administrative Updates
  • A collection of Help videos were added under the ? tab.
  • Added a new fundraising motivational option called Badges. Badges allow the organization to create levels for both participants and teams that when either reaches the user defined level in sponsorships, they will receive an email (customizable) congratulating them for reaching that level.  For example, participants raising $300 would receive the VIP Club badge (all user defined).  Their fundraising page will also have a badge on it (color is also user-definable by level) promoting that they’ve reached that level.  Badges are used as a motivational tool, and if an organization uses them, they should promote that they do either via email or within the participant welcome notification, which can be customized.
  • Email Jobs - Allow this year’s event to access last event’s emails in order to reuse them for this year’s event
  • Allow organization to set a date to end sponsorships.  The default is 30 days.
  • Fixed export of survey question dates.  They were being mangled.
Website/User Updates
  • Participant and Team pages display Badges earned by meeting different goal levels. If you fill in ANY search criteria to find participants, then all participants, regardless of goal, are displayed.
  • Fixed problem when a team captain tried to send an email to a team member whose name had an apostrophe in it.

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