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It’s finally here!
We are thrilled to announce the launch of Wizathon Matching Campaigns – and the first campaign couldn’t have been more successful.
Emunah of America took the new campaign platform and ran with it, joining together with Emunah Canada on a mission.
The goal: To raise funds that would help sustain one of their most crucial projects – funding therapy services for the Crisis Center of the city of Sderot, a community that faces life and death all too often.  
But this wasn't to be your run-of-the-mill fundraiser; this was a 24-hour, matching campaign.
The bar was set high – Emunah planned to raise $200,000 (with matching) by the day’s end. They knew that in order to reach their goal in such a short time, they needed to generate lots of hype around the campaign.
Staff was prepped. A donor base was rallied together. 5 matching donors waited on call. Mailing lists were prepared. Minimized was months of logistics for running a fundraising campaign, because all efforts were channeled into a single day.
Then – the campaign began. Our eyes were glued to the thermometer.
Refresh. 21% raised.
Refresh. 33% raised.
Refresh. 57% raised.
Refresh. 83% raised.
Refresh. 95% raised!!
The momentum of the campaign was so strong that the unthinkable happened: Emunah bypassed their goal before the day was up, and they entered a bonus round.
And, in the last hour, they raised an extra $100,000!!!
Even we hadn’t known what to expect when this campaign started, and we were blown away by the results. We loved seeing how Wizathon Matching could be used to help organizations like Emunah reach their fundraising goals, but more importantly, we were moved by how quickly people came together and turned such a meaningful idea into a tangible reality.
So: What are we offering our customers?
In the words of Laurie Szenicer, CEO of Emunah America:
"This 24 hour platform provides the charity several options how to use it. You are not restricted to using a matching gift. Your match can be 2-1, 3-1; whatever works for your charity. Unlike other platforms, Wizathon doesn’t take a percentage off your matchers and has a lower running charge per transaction. This tool is inclusive to the donor who can give a small gift and feel they are making a big impact.  
The Wizathon team is there to walk you through the process and ensure you are ready for your event day."
It’s all in your hands – you can determine how long you want to keep the site open, there’s no setup fee, and campaigns are not all-or-nothing. Setup is simple, and donations are processed efficiently and safely; we want organizations to be able to focus on spreading their campaign message, so we’re here to take care of the rest.
Make an impact with your campaign! To learn more about our tool, contact Rich at or visit our website at

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