Ideas for Formulating a Compelling Cause Statement for Donor Support

In order to maximize your fundraising efforts, it is important to define a compelling case for donors to donate to your cause and/or organization. Below are points that you should address in formulating the cause statement to attract donors for support.
  1. Explain what is unique about your organization.  Why is your organization instrumental in helping your community?  What makes your organization different from other similar organizations in your community?
  2. Express why you need action taken. What will happen if action is not taken? Has something new happened in your community where your organization's services are needed to make a difference? Has something changed in your organization that requires immediate action?
  3. State why a donor should care about giving to your cause. Explain how the donor’s support will make a real difference.
  4. Explain how each donation will make an impact towards the cause. Explain how the donation will help your organization fulfill its mission today and tomorrow.  

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